Presidents` Project
2017-2018 National Theme: Browsing History

The 2017 – 2018 National Program  is to raise funds for the creation of
James Monroe Online, a free and open online database for accessing the
archival collections devoted to James Monroe.

This project inspires several programs such as the power of words,
American innovations and inventions, the formation of the two-party
political system, westward expansion, the Era of Good Feelings, and much
more. Members across the country will be encouraged to make history fun
by focusing on creative programs in hands-on ways with music, crafts,
volunteering, fund raising, and more. They will also share amazing
moments about American history by creating tutorials and videos to share
on social media. The suggestions provided with each program are merely
suggestions for possible activities, and your society is invited to create
imaginative activities to achieve the best program

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National President's Program
State President's Program
2017-2018 State Theme: ‘Serving those who Serve Us’

The 2017=-2018 State President's Project  learning more about our fallen
Michigan State Troopers and their service to our communities. Members and their
societies can do this by
        Map the locations of our Fallen Troopers’ burial locations
        Present or participate in a program related to historic preservation
        Visit fallen trooper grave sites
        Or other creative ideas can you & your society do to serve those who  
serve us?
Members can see and entire list of all 52 fallen State Troopers and where they are
buried.  To see the entire list, go to this link:

The projects goal is to raise  $3000 dollars for the replacement of the first fallen
Michigan State Trooper Harold E. Anderson (1899-1921).

Pins will be for sale costing $5.00.  General Donations can also be made.

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Presidents Program

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